How can a landscape architect be useful to your garden?

Among the various areas of landscape design, a landscape architect makes projects related to the construction and conservation of gardens, making use of his creativity, technical knowledge and monitoring the solutions available on the market to meet the needs transmitted by the client.

The objective of the landscape architect is, above all, to help you organize ideas and make decisions by presenting you with solutions that go against what you want for your garden or outdoor space, ensuring your satisfaction with that area and your experience in it.

Although there are other professionals dedicated to the construction of gardens, landscaping or exterior arrangements, the landscape architect is the only professional qualified to carry out landscape architecture projects and these result in an aesthetic enhancement, almost always saving in the garden construction and maintenance costs. In certain urban operations, the landscape architecture project is mandatory.

If you are thinking of building a garden or landscaping your terrace or balcony, a landscape architect can help you make the best choices, saving you time and avoiding mistakes that can be expensive in many ways.

Is the landscape architecture project mandatory?

If you are going to build a house, you are certainly aware of what you need to present at the Câmara Municipal. You have probably chosen or will choose an architect to instruct the entire process. And there comes a time when they talk about the necessary specialties. That’s where we come in, in the specialty of Arranjos Exteriores!

The specialty of Arranjos Exteriores is one of the instructive elements of the procedures foreseen in the Legal Regime of Urbanization and Building (Regime Jurídico da Urbanização e Edificação – identified by Ordinance No. 113/2015, of 22 April), namely in the licensing or prior communication of urbanization works or works of building following the approval of the architectural project, when there is a private exterior area.

Landscape Architecture projects are mandatorily designed by landscape architects registered with the Portuguese Landscape Architects Association (APAP).


At Jardim Digital we carry out landscape architecture projects, garden design, urban licensing, outdoor spaces. We make the difference by continually updating on landscape solutions, combining modern lines with the existing design.

Send us a description, plan, or images of the space you intend to intervene in to prepare a proposal for project services. Before starting the project, whenever possible or necessary, we will visit the place.

Previous Study

This initial design phase begins by analysing the site conditions and collecting vital information, such as sun and wind exposures, and privacy concerns. This ensures the designs respond appropriately to the unique site and desired program elements.

We compile precedent imagery to communicate design intents and concepts and use the feedback received to create a final Schematic Design Master Plan.

With approval of the Previous Study, it will be drafted into an AutoCAD or REVIT computerized format.

This phase closes out with us providing a Preliminary Construction Estimate and project development programming for future phases.

Project licensing / PROJECT development

In this phase we prepare all necessary drawings and documents to understand and aprove the project, such as the General Plan, the Planting Plan, the Pavements Plan, the Irrigation Plan.

If required for the project, we will help ensure successful approvals through any official required submittals. We will produce and submit drawing packages and required calculations to receive the necessary approvals and coordinate as needed with the appropriate departments, making adjustments as necessary until permits are issued. The statement of the Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects and the Responsibility Term are included in this phase if needed.

Construction Documents

During this phase we prepare all necessary drawings and documents to accurately construct the project. We can prepare the drawing set and documents to be handed off to the Jardim Digital Construction Team, or to another landscape contractor.

The Preliminary Construction Estimate is then revised to reflect the final design decisions.

In addition to the aforementioned parts, this includes the descriptive memory, the map of measurements and cost estimates, the detailed plans, or others which it is deemed necessary to add.

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